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Young Champion Montenegro     Young Grand Champion Montenegro 

Young Champion Kosovo     Young Grand Champion Kosovo

Young Balkan Champion.

 Bullystyle's Lasting Love  

Owned, bred, showed and loved by Bullystyle's

Young Champion Montenegro    Young Grand Champion Montenegro

Young Champion Kosovo    Young Grand Champion Kosovo

Young Balkan Champion.

   Bullystyle's True Colors  

Owned, bred, showed and loved by Bullystyle's


Polish Junior Champion     Grand Champion

 Monsieur Du Berceau Des Loups-Anges 


Owned, showed and loved by Bullystyle's


Champion of Poland, Denmark, Montenegro, Kosovo, Balkan, Mediterranean, Adriatic, Grand Champion of Montenegro.

(Multi Champion)

 Bullystyle's Je suis Charlie 

Owned, bred, showed and loved by Bullystyle's


Balkan Champion    Montenegro Champion    Kosovo Champion    Danish Champion Grand Champion Montenegro

(Multi Champion)

 Bullystyle's Only The Truth 

Owned, bred, showed and loved by Bullystyle's 


Danish Champion       Swedish Champion      Polish Champion      Club Champion

(Multi Champion)

 Bullystyle´s Hoochie Mama 


Owned, bred, showed and loved by Bullystyle's 


Hooch is Daughter of CH.Iceglint I´m Canute & Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling.

She is an Amazing Bitch with X-Factor. Hooch has a great Health with a harmonic body, where she excels under Movement. Hooch is one of Our Top Bitches and is home bred.           



Bulldog Of Year 2013 & 2014

Danish Champion   Swedish Champion   Club Champion   Kosovo Champion Montenegro Champion   Balkan Champion

Rostock Sieger 2013     Rostock & Leipzig Jugend Sieger 2011

(Multi Champion)

 Nobozz Red Rock 

Owned, showed and loved by Bullystyle's 

Rocky is Son of GBCH.Nobozz Riddick and Nobozz Red Sun.

He is bred by Rob Harris of Kennel Nobozz in UK, and is in Our Eyes, One of the Best Bred Dogs of the Breed. Rocky is a Compact Dog, Big in Bone, with a Free Movement. He is a Strong Massive Type of Bulldog. His head and eye expression, is pure Sour Expression, which seem to pass through to his offsprings. He has a perfect shaped skull and is blessed with a soft clean coat.



Russian Junior Champion   Russian Champion

  Bullystyle´s Golden Graffiti  


Bullystyle´s Golden Graffiti is Son of

DKCH.SECH.KLBCH.BOY13.BOY14.Nobozz Red Rock and VDHJCH.Bullystyle´s Darling Deluxe.

Daichi is Owned by Our Dear Friend Julia Borodulina from Kennel





German Junior Champion

  Bullystyle´s Darling Deluxe  


Dee Dee is Daughter of

GBCH.CruftW09.BOY.08.09.10.Iceglint I´m Harry and Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling.Our expectations to this Bitch, were big from birth, where She came to life with a Beautiful correct body and headshape. Dee Dee is only Pup in these litter. She Excel in bones and is a feminine type of Nice Quality. Dee has done very well in the Show ring as well as She self Whelped 2 litters. We like to say She is a True Champ in n´out of the ring !





Danish Champion   Copenhagen Winner 2010   Danish Breed Winner 2010

Club Champion   International Champion   Danish Winner 2011.

  Iceglint I´m Canute  


Iceglint I´m Canute is Son of Lynmans Stagestruck and Iceglint I´m Maisie. He is bred by Sue Garside of Kennel Iceglint in UK. Canute has been Ours from Baby and is for Sure No.1, when it comes to Personality, which He has like No One About ! Canute Excel in bones and has a movement second to none, which have given him plenty of win. He has blow judges away with his heaviness combined with his easiness to show himself in higher speed. Canute is Shown with Pride and Has been, and still are, an Amazing stud dog to Our breeding, where Canute´s inbred line, is an advance for Our Personal choices in Breeding. 

Canute reproduce himself Big Time !

He is No.1 at The Danish Stud Dog list and is Reproducer of Champions !





Danish Champion. Swedish Champion. International Champion.

  Bullystyle´s Beyond Brilliant  


Our Teddy is Son of Iceglint I´m Edward, who has Sired many Champions all over the World.

Teddy´s Mother is Lolita Lempicka Douglas Bulls, which were Our Beloved girl. She was also the First Bulldog Bitch we decided to keep Puppis after. A great choice, since Lola is Mum to 2 Champions, and grandmum to a few more.




Bulldog Of Year 2011

Danish Champion   Club Champion

  Bullystyle´s Back In Business  


"Our Ziva"

Is Bred by Us at Kennel Bullystyle´s, but sold to Kennel Skawbulls in an age of 4 Months. She has been Shown Succesfully several of times by Klement of Bullystyle´s.

Ziva is Daughter of Iceglint I´m Edward and Lolita Lempicka Douglas Bulls. She is Littersister to Our Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling and CH.Bullystyle´s Beyond Brilliant. 



In Honor of Our Beloved Lola, We Proudly Present Her offsprings, who did that well they made it to Champions. Thanks to Hennie & Shane from Kennel Douglas Bulls, for Blessing Us with such an Amazing Darling. 3 offsprings from the Combination Iceglint I´m Edward  X  Lolita Lempicka Douglas Bulls were being shown. 2 made it to Danish Champion. Where One also became Swedish and International Champion. Lola has proven to be a Great reproducer, which We are Proud to have Used as Foundation Bitch in Our Breeding. She gave it all in every Single Puppy. Good Health, lovely temper and dogs with an Excellent Beauty and Pedigree. Lola is Mother to The 2 First Champions Bred by Us ! We loved her to the Moon and back.

 Lolita Lempicka Douglas Bulls 

Our Beloved Lola.
















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