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In spring 2017  is our plan to mate

Multi CH. Huntthorn Harlem Shuffle at Baalzebul  X  DKCH.SECH.KLBCH. Bullystyle's Hoochie Mama 

In the Summer 2017 is our plan to Mate

Hillplace Lincoln  X  Bullystyle's Hot Fudge



Puppy plans for 2018.

Mistery Soul Bumblbi  X  Bullystyle's Just Bring The Bling

Click on the link  to See the combination

Some of French we bred through the Years




Bullystyle´s Joyful Journey & Mum Gunhild.


Link to Bullystyle´s G - Litter

Link to Bullystyle´s Puppy Gallery




Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling as a Baby.


♥  Bullystyle  ♥  Bulldog Breeder Of The Year 2010  ♥

The Title were gained with

Ch.Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant,Ch.Bullystyle's Back In Business & Bullystyle's Casino Royale

Thanks to Ole Mose for his participation with Ch.Bullystyle's Back In Business.

   Planned Litters after Our Males bred by other Kennel 

Planned Matings in Our Kennel 


Unia Bachmat was our first Bulldog,we got her from Puppy in 2003.

In daily she were called Trunte Mus,here She is pictured in her older days Summer 2009.


Trunte's first and only litter born spring 2005.

Not a planned one,but that didn't stop Bosse and Trunte's loveaffair.

A single "put" and out came 8 puppies


Ch.Bullystyle's Back In Business as Pup and as 3 years old.She is a True Star both in Look and personality.

Bred by frozen semen after Iceglint I'm Edward,a litter of 6 Pups.



VDH JCH.Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe as Puppy and as a Youngster.






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