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VDH JCH.Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe pictured 1 year old.

     Christmas Club Show Judge Mrs.Helena Hyvönen,FI.    

Ziva gaied last CC to her Club Champion Title.

Congratulations to our good Friends Gitte & Ole Mose Skawbulls.

1'st place to Juniorhandler Samantha with Ch.Bullystyle's Back In Business 

16.October 2011 at Aars Nat.Club Show under Judge Mr.John Jakobsen,NO.

Did Ch.Iceglint I'm Canute gain last CC,to His Club Champion Title


At Aars nat.Club Show under Judge Mr.John Jakobsen,NO.

Did Ch.Bullystyle's Back In Business gained 3'rd Club CC to her Club Champion Title


           Int.Kennel Club Show November 2011 Judge Mrs.Mille Baek,DK.         

Ch.Iceglint I'm Canute won BOB with the Title Danish Winner 2011


     At the Nat.Kennel Club Show 29.August 2011 under Judge Mr.Petru Muntean,RO.   

Did Nobozz Red Rock win BOS,CC at His 9 months day & Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe won BOB,CC.

Dee Dee hereby gained Her 2'rd CC 10 days before She turn 1 year old !

Ch.Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant,just landed home after His Best Of Breed win in Sweden 14.August 2011

under Judge Mr.August Wilde,BE.

.With this win Teddy is now also Swedish Champion.

Ch.Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant.


Ch.Iceglint I'm Canute.

Unofficial Show August 2011 under Judges Dorethe Aagaard & Dr.Birgitte Schjøth,DK.

Nobozz Red Rock BOB Puppy,BIS 3 & ZolosZoe BOB Baby,BIS 5 of all breeds in all ages.

Both Dogs received awesome critics from both judges !

Samantha winning Juniorhandling with ZolosZoe.

Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe & Klement at World Dog Show in Paris France July 2011.

     Int.Kennel Club Show in Germany June 2011,under Judge Mr.Frank Kane.UK.    

Did Bullystyle's Dearling Deluxe win Junior BOB with JCC and the Title Neumönster Jugend Sieger.

     At The Day Of The Bulldog Club Show June 2011,under Judge Mrs.Sue Garside,UK.   

Did Ch.Iceglint I'm Canute win BOB & Ch.Bullystyle's Back In Business won BOS.

My youngest daughter Samantha started Canute up,but was not to be found when Canute had to compeed for the BOB.So I did it,but Samantha did an excellent job handling Canute to his win !

Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe,gained first CC,just 3 days after turning 9 months old.

 Nobozz Red Rock won Major Puppy Dog under Judge Mrs.Sue Garside,UK.

Always smiling Canute to a Int.Kennel Club Show in Sweden May 2011.

Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe won BOB Puppy at Nat.Club Show 25.April 2011



     Nat.Kennel Club Show 23.April 2011 under Judge Heidi Rolfes,SA.   

Best Of Breed & Best Major Puppy & Best Minor Puppy - 3 Strike at one Show - A Grand Day !

Bullystyle's Bring The Bling won BOB.



     Christmas Club Show Winter 2010 - Judge Mrs.Sonia Saxon,UK.      

Ziva go BOS,CC.


Canute being looked over by Sonia.

Int.Kennel Club Show Herning November 2010

Canute go BOB under Nina Karlsdotter,SE.

Teddy & Jeanette.


Club Show in Stepping September 2010 - Bullystyle's Casino Royale

Tasha with Bullystyle's Envy It All.

          Copenhagen Winner 2010 Ch.Iceglint I'm Canute         

Tasha 4.Winner in Couples Class with Zane & Zikke at Club Show in Slagelse Summer 2010.

Casino Royale.


     Int.Kennel Club Show in Vejen August 2010 under Judge Mrs.Gisa Schicker,DE.   

Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant gained last CC to His Champion Title - Now Danish Champion

Jesper with Canute & Klement with Teddy.

"The Day Of The Bulldog"

Nat.Club Show Bosore 2010 under Judge Mr.Pedro Bispo,PT..

Bullystyle's Envy It All won BOB Puppy the day after His sister did  

Bullystyle's Tournesol won BOB Baby first time in Minor Puppy Class at Nat.Club Show,Spring 2010.


Couples Class Bullystyle's Evny It All & Bullystyle's Josefine Beauharnais 2.Winner.

Judge Mr.Bo L Andersen,DK.

Samantha Juniorhandling with Zane 4.Winner.

Proud owner Ole Mose Skawbulls with Ziva gained the CC.


Bullystyle's Breeder Class 2010


In Dortmund Germany 2010 Iceglint I'm Canute & Hans Bakker Seabright - Thanks Hans 

Samantha with Bullystyle's Josefine Beauharnais Club Show Spring 2010.

Christmas Club Show Winter 2009 Judge Mrs.Petra Grell Hanshohm,DE.

Bullystyle's Casino Royale BOS Puppy


Samantha with Canute in Juniorhandling Christmas Show 2009.

Rosa & Samantha at Dog Match at the Local Mall Winter 2009.

Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant at Club Show Artumn 2009.


          Int.Kennel Club Show in Brondby 2009         

under Judge Mr.Leif Aage Lehmann Jørgensen,DK.

Iceglint I'm Canute BOB & BOS Sandbrooks Beautiful Disaster

Untouch A Bull Respectable Neumönster Jugend Sieger & Sieger 2009,under Judge Mr.Jochen H Eberhard,DE.

Jolly Just turned 9 months,when She won BOB and both Sieger Titles !



At Nat.Club Show in August 2009 under Judge Mr.Massimillanio Mannucci,IT.

Bullystyle's Josefine Beauharnais BOS Puppy.

Canute won BOB at Bornholm Nat.Kennel Club Show Summer 2009

Judge Mr.Seamus Oates,IRL.


Zolo - Edwin Vom Isern Hinnerk & Tasha at Int.Kennel Club Show Summer 2009.

Bosore Club Show Spring 2009 Juniorhandler Samantha with Iceglint I'm Canute.

Untouch A Bull Respectable - Jolly

Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant.


Ole Mose Skawbulls & Bullystyle's Back In Business.

          Aalborg Gigantium Int.Show May 2009         

Iceglint I'm Canute 2.Best Dog & Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant BOB,CC and Qualified for Cruft 2010

in an age of 1½ years old 

Untouch A Bull Respectable Spring 2009.

Artumn - Winter 2008


Int.Kennel Club Show in Herning Artumn 2008.


     August 2008 Int.Kennel Club Show under Judge Mr.Aake Cronander,SE.    

Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant first time in Junior Class 9½ months old,1 winner with BOB,CC

Baby & Jeanette at Club Show Summer 2008.

 Klement & Teddy won BOB Puppy at Brondby Int.Kennel Club Show 2008

Where Teddy's sister Baby won BOS Puppy,under Judge Mr.Rajko Rotnar,SL.

Canute & Jeanette

Samantha with Bullystyle's Josefine Beauharnais.


 Klement with Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant winning BOS Puppy at Bosore 2008.

Bosore Club Show Spring 2008 Juniorhandler Samantha with Iceglint I'm Canute.

The Bulldog Club's 100 Years Jubilee Show March 2008.

Judge Mr.Kevin Davis,UK.

Bullystyle's Buddy Beats The Best - BOS Baby.

Lolita Lempicka Douglas Bulls & Klement at Bosore Club Show Spring 2007.

Beautiful Lola 2½ years old.

Signorina Rosso Kinibox & Samantha.

Jeanette with Signorina Rosso Kinibox.

 Rina won BOB,CC at Club Show Summer 2007 under Judge Mr.Rajko Rotnar,SL.

 Rina won BOS Winter 2006 under Judge Mrs.Judith Collie,IRL.

Rina at World Dog Show in Poznan Poland 2006.



Below Click on the dogs name to see Showresults for each dog !

 DKCH.KBHV10.DKKV10.KLBCH.INTCH.DKV11.Iceglint I'm Canute

DKCH.SECH.INTCH.Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant

Bullystyle's Bring The Bling

Bullystyle's Casino Royale

JCH.Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe

DKCH.SECH.Nobozz Red Rock



Bullystyle's Envy It All

Bullystyle's Fille D'Amore




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