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Stud dogs

The Boys is available for approved Standard sized Bitches.

      Enquiries are welcome    


Hillplace Lincoln


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If You wanna Use Lincoln on your Bitch, Please Call or E-Mail One of Us.

Contact Pia Jeanette on E-Mail: or Phone +45 27268313.

Contact Tasha on E-Mail: or Phone +45 52403040.


Lincoln is Son of GBCH.BOY13.Cruft W14.Kingrock Captain Cook and Grandson of Iceglint I´m Daniel,

who is a Littlebrother to our Canute


Cook                                             Daniel







Bulldog Of The Year 2013 + 2014.


Nobozz Red Rock

Rostock Sieger 2013.

Rostock Jugend Sieger 2011.

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If  you want to use Rocky on your Bitch,

Please Contact Jeanette at E-Mail: or Phone +45 27268313.


Rocky is Son of GBCH.Nobozz Riddick and Grandson of GBCH.Gemelia Jensen. Both Pictured below.



Bullystyle´s Envy It All


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Zane is Son of Edwin Wom Isern Hinnerk, He is Pictured below.

If  you want to use Zane on your Bitch,

Please Contact Tasha of Bullystyle´s on E-Mail: or Phone +45 52403040 !






Bullystyle´s Je suis Charlie



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Charlie is Son of Bäring Nords Thorwald Viking and Grandson of Multi CH.Bullinium´s Highlife.

Both pictured below.

                                               Thorwald Viking                                         Highlife.



If you wanna Use Charlie on your Bitch. Please Call or E-Mail One of Us !

Contact Tasha at E-Mail: or Phone +45 52403040.

Contact Pia Jeanette at E-Mail: or Phone +45 27268313.



Monsieur Du Berceau Des Loups-Anges


Zenjii is Imported from France

If you wanna Use Zenjii on your Bitch. Please Call or E-Mail One of Us !

Contact Tasha at E-Mail: or Phone +45 52403040.


For price information about shipping frozen and/or chilled semen,

please visit the semenbank we use on the link below

Our Boys are available for approven standard sized bitches.

For more info about our Boys please contact us by email

or phone at 0045 27268313.


WE say No to Fad Colors - In Some mouths called rare colors...We just don't support the Breeders who breed in rare colors, where some disreputable breeders even demand more for those colors. Those colors has nothing to do with the English & French Bulldog Bred !

Why some disreputable breeders specialize in breeding Tricolor, Black, Chocolate, lilac, blue, Merle etc. can only be about the money ! 

Therefor We do not support "Breeders" who breed for money and not for the passion for the Bulldogs !

As a Breeder we are all bound to breed with our brain, heart and knowledge, not for the money.

Only in the right way,We can breed healthy bred Bulldogs of Excellent Quality !













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