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  The Gentlemen




   DKCH.SECH.KLBCH.Nobozz Red Rock  

Bulldog Of The Year 2013 + 2014.Rostock Sieger 2013. Rostock Jugend Sieger 2011. Lepzig Jugend Sieger 2011.

Born November 2010.



Rocky is Sire to many natural born litters !

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   Bullystyle´s Legendary Legacy  

Born Naturally 19. October 2016. Both patents are also naturally born!


HUU Clear/Normal

Co owned with Mia Bach & Ryan Hansen.

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     Hillplace Lincoln  

Born January 2015.



HUU Carrier. Cystinuia I-A-1 Free.

Lincoln is Co owned with Thomas Bukhave, where He also Lives.


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The Ladies



   Bullystyle´s Hoochie Mama  

Born September 2012.


HUU Clear/Normal

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   Bullystyle´s Lasting Love 

Born Naturally 19. October 2016.

"Leah" & "Lil`Pigen"

HUU Clear/Normal


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  Bullystyle´s Kanutus Kind Gold  

Born May 2016.


HUU Clear/Normal

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   Bullystyle´s Just Bring The Bling  

Born Naturally October 2014.


HUU Clear/Normal


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    Bullystyle´s Hot Fudge 

Born September 2012.

"Gunhild" & "Gunny Girl"

HUU Clear/Normal

Gunhild is living at Kennel Stentoft with Rikke and Family.


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German Youth Champion

  Bullystyle´s Darling Deluxe 

Born September 2010.

Dee Dee is Owned by Thomas, Mille & Family in Silkeborg







In Loving Memory     



Lifetime Qualified for Cruft. CPHW.10. DKKW.10. Leipzig Sieger 2011. DKW11.

   Iceglint I´m Canute  

2.March 2007 - 24. September 2015.


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      Bullystyle´s Beyond Brilliant     



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   Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling  





Bullystyle´s Casino Royale






Bullystyle´s It´s Complicated






      Bullystyle´s Back In Business     

Littersister to Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling and CH.Bullystyle´s Beyond Brilliant.


Owner Gitte & Ole Mose.



Some of the Dogs in the Pedigrees.



Iceglint I´m Canute.

                                                         Iceglint I´m Edward                            Iceglint I´m Spike


GBCH.Iceglint I´m Intrepid          GBCH.Iceglint I´m Alfred


Cruft Winner 2009. Bulldog Of the Year 2008, 2009, 2010.

GBCH.Iceglint I´m Harry

Lynmans Stagestruck

                                           Lynmans Sandow                                                 Lynmans Lasting Peace


Lynmans Rocketman

Lynmans Leving Legend

                                                                 Ocobo Just Do It           Multi CH.Two Rivers Darwin





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