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  The Gentlemen




   DKCH.SECH.KLBCH.Nobozz Red Rock  

Bulldog Of The Year 2013 + 2014.Rostock Sieger 2013. Rostock Jugend Sieger 2011. Lepzig Jugend Sieger 2011.

Born November 2010.



Rocky is Sire to many natural born litters !

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   Bullystyle´s Legendary Legacy  

Born Naturally 19. October 2016. Both patents are also naturally born!


HUU Clear/Normal

Co owned with Mia Bach & Ryan Hansen.

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     Hillplace Lincoln  

Born January 2015.



HUU Carrier. Cystinuia I-A-1 Free.

Lincoln is Co owned with Thomas Bukhave, where He also Lives.


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The Ladies



   Bullystyle's Hoochie Mama  

Born September 2012.


HUU Clear/Normal

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   Multi JCH.Bullystyle's Lasting Love 

Born Naturally 19. October 2016.

"Leah" & "Lil`Pigen"

HUU Clear/Normal


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  Bullystyle's Kanutus Kind Gold  

Born May 2016.


HUU Clear/Normal

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   Bullystyle's Just Bring The Bling  

Born Naturally October 2014.


HUU Clear/Normal


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    Bullystyle's Hot Fudge 

Born September 2012.

"Gunhild" & "Gunny Girl"

HUU Clear/Normal

Gunhild is living at Kennel Stentoft with Rikke and Family.


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German Youth Champion

  Bullystyle's Darling Deluxe 

Born September 2010.

Dee Dee is Owned by Thomas, Mille & Family in Silkeborg







In Loving Memory     



Lifetime Qualified for Cruft. CPHW.10. DKKW.10. Leipzig Sieger 2011. DKW11.

   Iceglint I'm Canute  

2.March 2007 - 24. September 2015.


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      Bullystyle's Beyond Brilliant     



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   Bullystyle's Bring The Bling  





Bullystyle's Casino Royale






Bullystyle's It's Complicated






      Bullystyle's Back In Business     

Littersister to Bullystyle´s Bring The Bling and CH.Bullystyle´s Beyond Brilliant.


Owner Gitte & Ole Mose.



Some of the Dogs in the Pedigrees.



Iceglint I'm Canute.

                                                         Iceglint I'm Edward                            Iceglint I'm Spike


GBCH.Iceglint I'm Intrepid          GBCH.Iceglint I'm Alfred


Cruft Winner 2009. Bulldog Of the Year 2008, 2009, 2010.

GBCH.Iceglint I'm Harry

Lynmans Stagestruck

                                           Lynmans Sandow                                                 Lynmans Lasting Peace


Lynmans Rocketman

Lynmans Leving Legend

                                                                 Ocobo Just Do It           Multi CH.Two Rivers Darwin





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